Commercial Court To Rule On Tax On MPs Allowances

The Commercial Court is today expected to rule on an application by the Parliamentary Commission seeking to temporarily block Uganda Revenue Authority from taxing MP’s allowances pending their appeal.

The ruling is expected to be delivered by Justice Christopher Madrama at 2:30pm.

The Commission appealed against the decision by Justice Henry Peter Adonyo, who ruled that all MPs allowances be taxed.

The commission through its lawyer Citina Cherotich says if court does not stop URA from collecting this money, it will suffer serious loss and it will not be able to cater for the welfare of the MPs.

Cherotich insists that if the MPs pay the taxes now and they win the appeal, URA may not refund their monies.

However URA through its lawyer George Okello says there will be no loss whatsoever suffered by the parliamentary commission if it remits the MPs taxes on allowances, because it has the capacity to refund their money including interest in case their appeal succeeds.

Story By Ruth Anderah