Club Govnor murder suspect Kamyuka granted bail

By Ruth Anderah.

The jailed Club Govnor murder, Ivan Kamyuka have been granted bail by Court of Appeal pending hearing of his appeal challenging  conviction.

He is granted a cash bail of 10 million shillings and his sureties ordered to execute a non-cash bond of 10 million shillings , he was also told to report to the Court’s registrar on every 22nd of the month  starting this month until further notice.

Last year Justice Wilson Kwesiga of the High Court found Kamyuka guilty for the death of John Ahimbisibwe aka Jonnie, however he noted that the deceased provoked the convict by assaulting his [Kamyuka’s] wife, thus using excessive force to deter him.

Justice Kwesiga handed Kamyuka to a jail term of three years and eight months, however being dissatisfaction he appealed against his conviction.

While appealing for bail Kamyuka through his lawyer Julius Galisonga asked court to consider his client’s bail saying there is a possibility for him to complete his sentence before his appeal is heard yet there are high chances of success.

In his ruling,Justice Cheborion Barishaki concurred with Kamyuka’s lawyer that the appeal raises very serious issues with high likelihood of success.

Kamyuka was accused of murdering Ahimbisibwe , however he was found guilty of manslaughter.

Jonnie was killed in the early morning hours of August 2nd 2015, at Club Guvnor in Industrial Area, Kampala’s Central Division, when he had a confrontation with Kamyuka and suffered a cut in the neck inflicted by a sharp object and bled to death.