Cleaner attached to KCCA convicted for stealing confiscated goods

By Ruth Anderah

A Cleaner with A and M cleaning company attached to KCCA offices has been convicted for stealing.

Smith Wamboka 28years charged before City Hall Court grade one magistrate Esther Nahirya for stealing items that includedĀ one plastic bottle of soda.

The stolen soda and one pair of canvas shoes was KCCA exhibits confiscated from hawkers.

Smith was convicted him on his own plea of guilty.

The magistrate sentenced him to a caution and warned never to take exhibits without permission.

Prosecution states that Wamboka on May 11th 2017 at City Hall stole KCCA exhibits one pair of canvas shoes and one bottle of soda mountain Dew brand of 500ml all valued at 52,000 shillings the property of KCCA.