Chief Justice tips women in leadership on lifting status of the girl child

By Ruth Anderah

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has called on women in leadership to lift and improve the status of the girl child and rural women in order to help them realize their full potential.

He was on Wednesday morning speaking at the opening of the very first conference of how to address challenges that are still being faced by Uganda’s girl child and women in rural areas.

The conference held at Kampala Serena conference centre was running under the theme “The role of women towards driving Uganda to a middle income status by 2020.”

It follows wide consultations done by the the Judiciary, PEPPERDINE University and the Center for Women in Leadership.

In his speech, the Chief Justice emphasized that supporting such vulnerable groups will help them realize their true potential and enable them contribute to the economic advancement of this country.

He also observed that many of these women still think their roles are restricted to the kitchen and performing other domestic chores, calling for empowered women to work closely with them.