Chief Justice asks govt to address judicial officers’ concerns

By Ruth Anderah:

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has asked government to quickly address demands of judicial officers to end the current disputes within the judiciary.

Justice Katureebe was this morning meeting judges and magistrates in Kampala to discuss how they can improve administration of justice in Uganda.

His call comes after judges and magistrates in October this year gave government up to December 11th to increase their salaries and improve their working conditions or they resume their strike.

Justice Katureebe says addressing the judicial officers’ concerns will raise workers moral and end industrial disputes that are disrupting the administration of justice and endangering the population.

He adds that if judicial officers are well remunerated, they would devote their time and energy to discharge justice and settle disputes in society instead of concentrating on other income generating activities which may undermine the sanctity and effectiveness of the judicial process.