Chief Justice appeals for financial security

Parliament is asked to push for increased financial security of judicial officers.
The appeal has been made by the Chief Justice Bert Katureebe during a meeting with the legal and parliamentary affairs committee at his chambers.
Justice Katureebe said judicial officers must be well remunerated to avoid being tempted.
He further appealed for more funds to help judges get decent accommodation, proposing an increase to 5bn from the current 2.4m monthly allocation for accommodation.

“Financial security is very important. [However,] I am not saying judicial officers should necessarily succumb to corruption because they are not well paid,” Katureebe said.

“We recognise there is no government that can pay judicial officers as adequately as some lawyers get in their private chambers. All we are saying is that judicial officers of all grades should be soundly remunerated.”

He said if one were a lawyer who would cheat clients, bribes judges, bribes police men to hide exhibits and then “somehow you become a judge, you are not going to change”.

Story by Benjamin Jumbe