Chief calls for more Judicial funding to decrease on case backlog

By Juliet Nalwooga.

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has called for more Judicial funding if the case backlog is to be reduced so that all Ugandans can attain justice.

In the financial year 2017-2018, 120,000 cases were targeted for disposal for which just 18 billion was allocated.

Under the case backlog reduction strategy, 28,000 backlog cases are to be disposed off in the next 3 years and Shs 9 billion has been provided.

Katureebe says now says this dream will be UN-achievable if the number of judges are not increased.

He cites land division where over 10,000 cases are pending and yet only 5 judges are present at high court.


He says for these judges to clear all these cases, it can take them more than 6 years.