Chicken Tonight Restaurant sued

By Ruth Anderah.

Court has given Chicken Tonight Restaurant only 15 days within which to defence itself on allegations that its employees assaulted a local musician Angella Katatumba.

Katatumba filed a suit against Chicken Tonight Restaurant seeking over 600 million shillings compensation as a result of being assaulted by its workers.

The case has been allocated to Justice Lydia Mugambe.

Angela Katatumba dragged Chicken tonight and three of its employees to court accusing them of assaulting her and forceful evicting her from their premises where she had gone for fast foods.

Katatumba says that on April 1st2018 she had gone to Kabalagala Chicken tonight Branch where two of the employees attacked her under the supervision of Rogers Olubworth Choka by kicking her which resulted into humiliation , physiological torture,  trauma and body injuries.

She add that on being examined it was established that she had suffered from grievous bodily harm and she was later referred to international Hospital Kampala where she was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome which requires her to visit the doctor monthly for a period of two years.