Chameleone sued by South African based promoter

By Ruth Anderah.

Local Musician Joseph Mayanja trading as Dr. Jose Chameleone has been taken to High court in Kampala for failure to refund 53 million shillings to a South African based music promoter being monies  for concerts he never performed.

Zaina Muwonge who also trades as Sezana promotions claims in 2015  made a 25 million shillings down payment to chameleon after entering  into agreement with him  to hold a 3 day concert dubbed Wale-Wale in towns of Pretoria, Cape town and Durban.

Muwonge says she advanced another 12.5 million shillings to Chameleon after he convinced her that him and his crew  needed to obtain  emergency passports and Visas having had their travel documents stolen.

Muwonge says she went a head to book for Hotels that will provide accommodation to Chameleon and his entire crew but to her shock , the singer switched -off his phone on the eve of his flight making efforts to trace for him futile.

Now through her lawyers of Lukwago and company advocates , Muwonge  seeks to recover her money and orders compelling Chameleon to pay her  damages for breach of contract, damaged reputation and  property including chairs and banners.