CAA have explained why they sacked Managing Director Rama Makuza

The ministry of works and transport has explained why Civil Aviation Authority Managing Director Rama Makuza was sacked.

Makuza was sacked early this week by the board over performance and other claims including nepotism and exploitation of air travelers.

According to the Ministry of Works and Transport publicist Susan Kataike Makuza who has been at the helm of the aviation body since 2008, was “found wanting” by the board.

Kataike says the board found his performance wanting and so for the good of CAA and the entire country his contract was terminated.

However, there are reports that Makuza’s woes were triggered by IGG’s investigations into his managing style which includes hiring his relatives as members of staff and questionable contract deals.

The Office of the Inspectorate General of Government earlier this year released investigation reports indicating that CAA had failed to remit taxes to Uganda Revenue Authority.

Ali Munira, the Inspectorate’s spokesperson confirms that there is an investigation into circumstances under which a contract for cleaning services at Entebbe International Airport was been awarded.