Busoga University probed over fake degrees

South Sudan’s Ministry of Higher Education says it is investigating the legality of Busoga University’s operations in South Sudan, after it emerged that the institution awarded degrees to South Sudan without following the requisite procedures.

The ministry’s Undersecretary Professor Bol Deng Busoga University is accused of unfairly awarding degrees to more than a hundred South Sudanese within just a few months.

An investigation committee formed in Uganda found that the University graduated more than 1,000 students, including 137 from South Sudan and unspecified number of Nigerians, who never completed the programme duration while others never met the minimum admission requirements.

The graduates were reportedly from an affiliate private university in Juba.

Investigations into the fake degrees scandal found that the affected students were awarded degrees on September 30 after studying for only five months while others didn’t fulfill the minimum entry requirements.

Professor Deng now says the branch of Busoga University in Juba may be closed if it does not possess the required documents.