Buhweju district Woman MP discharged in healthy condition

The Buhweju district Woman Member of Parliament Mrs. Oliva Katwesigye Koyekyenga has revealed that she has comfortably been discharged from Kololo hospital Kampala where she has been hospitalized following narrow survival of serious motor accident and is recovering steadily.

On special note, Mrs. Koyekyenga appealed to the people of Buhweju district to actively participate in the ongoing NRM registration exercise at respective established centers to be able to participate in the forthcoming NRM primary elections.

She explained that it’s every one’s right to decide to which political party to support, but on special note she urged the people of Buhweju district to look behind and see where the NRM leadership lead by President Yoweri Museveni has made for them in the development of the district.

She called upon the public that for NRM political party to successfully win the forthcoming general elections slated for 2016; all peace loving people of NRM should register now with NRM party as their right choice that will determine sustainability of NRM leadership.

Mrs. Koyenga explained that participating in the NRM registration will assist to select and elect responsible and genuine NRM cadres who will push ahead more of the better achievements of NRM. She urged all people of Buhwefu district to massively participate and mobilize more for NRM party promising to join the campaign soon as her healthy stabilizes.