Buganda riots ruling for Monday

High Court Judge Ralph Ochan has pushed the ruling on the terrorism case against the 11 Buganda riot suspects to Monday next week.

The judge was today expected to rule on whether or not the suspects have a case to answer.

The suspects face charges of terrorism and are accused of burning Nateete Police Station, 25 cars and motorcycles which were parked at the station in 2009 during the Buganda riots.

The riots erupted after gov’t blocked the Kabaka of Buganda from visiting Kayunga district citing security reasons.

The prosecution presented 11 witnesses and asked court to order the accused persons to defend themselves.

Defense lawyers Apollo Makubuya and Medard Segona however asked court to acquit the suspects, saying the investigations leading to the trial were conducted unlawfully.

Justice Ochan says he is still perusing through some documents and will give his ruling on Monday.