Boy’s genitals chopped off in mock circumcision

Attorney General Peter Nyombi
Attorney General Peter Nyombi

A 4-year old child almost left his 3 year old brother without genitals after he tried to circumcise him.
The incident happened in Kamonkoli, Budaka District.
Imitating the Bagisu cultural circumcision practice commonly known as imbalu, the two boys were seen dancing, but few minutes later the younger one was lying in a pool of blood.
The four year old self-made surgeon only identified as Nfuko is said to have used a sharp razor blade to cut off the fore skin of his friend’s genitals.
The child’s was rushed to Mbale hospital for proper circumcision and is said to be in a stable condition.
The legendary ceremony among the Bagisu ethnic group marks the initiation of boys into manhood.

Story by Mudangha Kolyangha