Born again pastor sued for failing to pay 190 million shillings loan

By Ruth Anderah.

Born again pastor  has been dragged to Commercial court by a money lending company for allegedly failing to pay 190 million shillings.

Pastor Patrick Makumbi of International Gospel Healing Center has been sued by Patoz Capital Solution through its loans manager Adrine Kobusingye.

Kobusingye states that on February 23rd 2018 Pastor Makumbi approached him at their offices located at Nkrumah road in Kampala requesting for a loan offer of about Shs 190m from their company.

He contends that the defendant has since defaulted on the payment of the loan amount with its accrued interest to date despite several remainders.

According to the loan’s agreement between Patoz Capital Solution and Pastor Makumbi  was to pay the amount of the loan together with accrued and unpaid interest and all other charges, costs and expenses on or before March 23rd 2018.