Boda Boda 2010 Kittata case adjourned to November

By Ruth Anderah. 

Hearing of the case against Boda Boda 2010 leader Abdullah Kitatta and other co-accused persons has been pushed to November 13th of this year.

The Chairman General Court Martial Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti adjourned the case after Defence Lawyers led by Shaban Sanywa cross-examined yesterday’s witness Major David Agaba.

During cross-examination Kitata’s advocate Sanywa accused Prosecution’s Major Rapheal Mugisha of giving answers to the witness, which allegation he denied.

However the Court’s Judge Advocate Col Richard Tukachungurwa observed that the allegation by Kitatta’s lawyer was baseless since it had arose after cross-examination was concluded.

while Court’s Chairman Lt. Gen Gutti asked Lawyer Sanywa not to fear to alert him next time so that he takes action, otherwise his complaint was not justified.

Kitatta and others are battling with offences of being in possession of Military stores.