Bobi Wine records fiscal policy song

By Clare Muhindo.

After he was criticised on social media, on his understanding of the management of public revenue, following his responses to the question on fiscal policy on NTV On the Spot, Bobi Wine, a presidential hopeful has hit the studio to record a song explaining the matter.

Featuring Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake, Nubian Lee and Sir Dan Magic, the song tries to break down the concept of fiscal policy to the common man.

In the song, Bobi Wine says, “If I ever had the opportunity to change the way that my people live, I would abolish all the oppressive taxes and that would be my fiscal policy.

“I wonder why poverty is so high, the cost of living everywhere is so high. I would reduce the prices and raise the salaries, and that would be my fiscal policy,” he sings.

Bobi Wine released snippets of the song on Instagram this morning, after spending the night in the studio.