Bobi Wine posters pulled down


Kamuli Municipal Authorities have pulled down all Bobi Wines show posters put up in the Municipality advertising his mega show.

Security authorities allege the show was not booked and the organizers have not sought permission which could point to hidden agenda and political undertones. Kamuli DPC Collins Kyasimire said after the operation “The Municipal law enforcement team came to us and we pulled down all the adverts for the show scheduled on 20 October at the playground because it was illegal, no permission sought no nothing just exciting the Public and littering the Municipality,”.

He added that Bobi Wine now is a government personality as MP so organizers should even seek permission from the IGP to provide relevant security given the magnitude of his crowd and status.

Julius Samanya the Youth Councilor claimed the security is in panic over Bobi Wines presence linking it to the Togikwatako civil campaign.

“These people even stopped our Youth Day celebrations where Bobi Wine as an inspiration model was supposed to be a guest speaker, now even the Music show is being sabotaged yet most times he donates the money raised to hospitals,”.