Bobi tips African Gov’ts on avoiding Sudan like incidents

By Juliet Nalwooga.

The Kyandodo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi has asked government to respect human rights now more than ever to avoid a replica of what is happening in Sudan.

Addressingjournalists at his office in Kamwokya, Bobi WIne who is also the leader of the people power movement said that leaders who have over stayed in power should start respecting their citizens and not despise them.

He meanwhile expressed concern over police’s failure to respond to his letter about the upcoming Kyarenga Easter concerts.

Bobi Wine who was also flanked by events promoters claimed that they wrote to police a month ago but up to know have not gotten a response.

He insists failure by police to give him a go ahead, he will continue with concerts as already planned.

Police has since last year blocked many of the musician turned politician music concerts.