Bishop Katonene Wants Rebel Christians Punished

Bishop Yona Mwesigwa Katonene of West Ankole Diocese has ordered the diocesan tribunal to try Sheema district faithful’s for rebelling against his leadership.

The Christians who include members of parliament and heads of laity denounced the Bishop and resolved to break away from West Ankole Diocese after faulting the bishop of misconduct in running church affairs in Sheema district.

The Christians who have since warned Bishop Katonene not to hold any pastoral function in Sheema asked the province of the church of Uganda to take charge of their affairs until they form their own diocese which they have proposed to call central Ankole Diocese.

During a stake holders’ meeting held at St. Emmanuel church Kabwohe on Saturday, Christians also withdrew nine people representing them on the diocesan synod.

But the Bishop says the meeting had no legal powers within the church structures and organs and declared the resolutions null and void.

Addressing a press conference at Katungu mothers union in Bushenyi, Katonene said the group of people that broke away made a grave mistake, and that their actions tantamount to breaking the law.

He said taking over any part of the Diocese can only be done when the Bishop has abdicated Episcopal jurisdiction of the Diocese.

He adds that a new Diocese can only be curved out of the existing Diocese by a resolution of the synod and approved by provincial assembly as per laid up clear procedure and process with in the canons of the church of Uganda.

He blasted politicians who are using Ankole Western Institute of science and Technology as a tool to spread false hoods among the community claiming that they will lose economic benefits once the institute opens up other branches with the diocese.

He said such politicians claiming the institute which is a church project are demonstrating ignorance.
The Christians in 2013 accused the Bishop for proposing to open up the institute branch in Bushenyi district before it is elevated to a university status.

West Ankole Diocese in 2005 established the University with a purpose of providing quality learning and research in order to respond to the development challenges in the area.