BIDCO blocked from encroaching on Kalangala resident land

The High Court has blocked BIDCO from further encroaching and growing palm trees in Kalangala district pending a main case filed by residents.

Over 100 families in Kalangala district sued BIDCO contesting their eviction without compensation.

Justice John Keitirima sitting at the High Court in Masakahas issued an order after both parties failed to settle the matter out of court.

Justice Keitirima also issued an order stopping the owner of the said piece of land Sylvia Gloria Nakato from further selling any portion of it until the main suit is heard and disposed of.

Residents led by John Muyiisa say their children are no longer going to school because all their crops including coffee plantations were destroyed by agents of BIDCO without compensation.

They now want an order directing BIDCO to compensate them for the destroyed crops and also return their land.