Besigye stuck at a church

Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye is still stuck at a church in Nabweru where has been sitting for over three hours after he was blocked by the police from walking to his home.

After the court session this morning, Besigye tried to walk to his home but he was blocked by the DPC Kampala North Micheal Mugabi who said they had received intelligence information that Besigye wanted to take advantage of the situation and lead another protest.

Besigye then decided to sit by the road side in a church compound a few meters away from the court.

This prompted a war of words between him and the security personnel.

He has now vowed not to leave until he is allowed to walk home.

The police however insist that Besigye can only leave if he accepts to drive his car to avoid any possible chaos that could be sparked by the huge crowds waiting across the road.

Besigye was returning from the Nabweru Magistrates court where hearing of the case against him failed to kick off earlier today. This is after prosecution asked for more time to prepare their evidence.

The case was before Magistrate Justine Atukwasa who adjourned it to July 8th when hearing is expected to start.

This is one of the several cases that the FDC leader is battling in relation to the walk to work protests.

Earlier drama ensued at the Nabweru Magistrates Court where the FDC leader had refused to enter the court room.

Besigye protested against the decision by the police to block journalists from accessing the court’s premises.

All journalists had been stopped at the gate and denied entry into the court.

The police officers at the gate claimed they were affecting an order by the magistrate.

Besigye demanded that the journalists be allowed into the Court, which he says should be open to the public.

Heavy police deployment remains visible at the court and on the road between Bwaise and Nabweru.