Besigye speaks out on lifting age limit for presidential candidates

Former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has given his position on the issue of lifting the presidential age limit, a subject which has become a sticking point in Uganda’s democratic governance.

Besigye, who is addressing the press at his offices along Katonga road in Kampala, says talks of a referendum and mainly aimed at tilting public opinion to support the lifting of age limits, which goes against the provisions of the constitution.

Besigye’s address comes a day after his party called upon President Yoweri Museveni to respect the constitution and abandon plans to amend the constitution to lift the Presidential age limit.

There has been growing discontent and debate ahead of the formal presentation of the constitution Amendment Bill, 2017, which many fear will see the age limit for the presidency scrapped.

The most contentious part of the bill is Article 102(b), which disqualifies any Ugandan below the age of 35 and above 75 years from running for president.

There have been talks of a purported plan by the ruling NRM party to amend this section of the Bill and lift the age limit.