Besigye released, lawyers say he is in poor medical condition

The FDC Party president col Kizza Besigye has been released by court with no charges read to him, due to his poor medical condition.

Besigye was arrested earlier today at Wandegeya and produced before court in Kasangati, presided over the Nabweru court magistrate Justine Atukwasa.

Security operatives broke the windows of his car and sprayed into it huge ammounts of teargas into his car, forcing him and his supporters to come out.

He was then taken to Kasangati police station from where he was taken to the court.

Besigye however could not walk on his own and was supported by his supporters as he walked into the court.

His lawyer David Mpanga asked court to release him without taking plea to any charges, saying he was in a very poor condition.

Mpanga told court that Besigye’s doctor had examined him but he needed to see an optician since his eyes were suffering from acute inflamation and he could even see.

Magistrate Justine Atukwasa over ruled the prosecution and released Besigye on a court bond of 5million shillings, not cash.

She ruled that she was conviced that Besigye is not a good medical condition and adjourned the case until 2nd May.

Besigye’s sureties include MPs Sam Njuba, Abdu Katuntu and Wafula Oguttu.

Besigye’s co-accused were however remanded to Luzira until Monday next week, when they will take plea to the charges of unlawful assembly and assault of police officers.

Those remanded include Sam Mugumya, Francis Mwijikye and Besigye’s driver Aaron Kaija, among others.