Besigye – Disloyalty to Museveni led to Kayihura’s downfall

By Ssebuliba Samuel.

The former Forum for Democratic Party president Dr kizza Besigye has descried kale Kayihura firing as far from his failure to manage police but disloyalty to the president.

Speaking to media this afternoon, Besigye said that president has for long known kayihura’s weaknesses and disrespect to human rights but kept him for 13 year in service.

He said that even before his fateful day he has just been cleared for the fourth term in office, thus the idea of weakness and mismanagement of police do not count.

He said that lately kayihura had develop personal misunderstandings with president Museveni for his alleged disloyalty and that solely led to his eventual downfall.

However yesterday the government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said that Kayihura was relieved of his duties when president found out that he has failed to fulfill his duties