Baryamureba advices Nawangwe to uplift suspension of association leaders

By Damali Mukhaye .

The former vice chancellor of Makerere university prof Venansius Baryamureeba  has advised prof Barnabas Nawangwe to uplift the suspension of the leaders of Makerere university staff associations to allow lecturers return to normal.

The staff at Makerere university have vowed to continue with the strike until the suspension of their associations leaders including Drugs Kamunyu, Joseph Kalema and Bennet Magara is uplifted by prof Nawangwe

Speaking to Kfm, Baryamureeba says that Prof Nawangwe could first have constituted a committee to first investigate the staff in question before suspending them.

He says that the university has many stack holders including students, staff, parent and government hence it is the role of prof Nawangwe as the chief executive officer to ensure that he responds to all their interests amicable.

He says that he should uplift the suspension of the above staff for lectures to resume as they dialogue together for the way forward.