Atomic energy council says x-rays machines are causing cancer

By Patrick Ebong.

The Atomic Energy Council has blamed the raising cases of cancer in the country on increased exposure of people to radiation emitted by ex-ray and CT scans.

A CT scan is a special test that produces cross-sectional images of the body using X-rays and a computer.

Radiation Protection Officer Charles Sekayaya says there are some private health facilities which are illegally using unlicensed, inadequate personal protective equipment and faulty machines.

Sekayaya says they have closed the X-ray department of Ronam Clinic in Lira after it was found to be using a faulty X-ray machine, operated by untrained radiographer.

He says many people who went to the health facility for X-ray are at higher risk of developing cancer because of over exposure to the radiation.

Sekayaya explains that if the machine is faulty it gives wrong doses to patients; the x-ray beam and the light beam are not aligned.

This exposes other body parts to the risk of radiation.

He said section 63 of the Atomic Energy Act prescribes a 10 year jail term without an option of a fine for someone who willingly operates a faulty machine.

Atomic Energy Council is carrying a week long inspection of X-rays and CT scan machines in Lira district