Archbishop Ntagali urges Ugandans to celebrate Archbishop Janani Luwum

By Shamim Nateebwa.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has urged Ugandans to celebrate Archbishop Janani Luwum whose courage and vision will live for generations.

The country today commemorates the JananiLuwum Day, a special time designated to remember the life of the church leader who was killed by operatives of the Amin regime on 16 February 1977.

Archbishop Ntagali says Luwum’s courage should be celebrated because he stood firm in tough times and preached the gospel uncompromisingly.

He adds that this day was declared public holiday to give an opportunity for young people who did not see Luwum, to celebrate his life.

In the same stride, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo, is urging all institutions including schools to respect the day.

Luwum became Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire in 1974.

The main celebrations are held in Mucwini, Kitgum district, atLuwum’s ancestral home where he was buried.