Anti-Hormosexual Bill is passed


The Anti-Homosexuality Bill has been passed.

The bill was tabled this afternoon for the 2nd reading, debated and passed.

It has been moved by Benson Obua and seconded by several members.
Obua said the country has been waiting for this bill and therefore today is an important day for all Ugandans.

He said the bill will save the lives of many people especially the young ones who are in danger.

Erarlier, the Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi had tried to block the passing of the bill saying they needed more time for further consultation but the Speaker over ruled him saying enough time had been already been given.

The private members bill was submitted by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati in October 2009.

The proposed piece of legislation has been criticized especially for the clauses that prescribe death and life imprisonment for offenders.

The tabling the controversial bill comes just a day after an equally controversial Anti- Pornography Bill was passed by parliament drawing outrage from women activists.