Another Poor Youth Faction defects from Amama Camp to NRM

A group of over 100 NRM Poor Youth has denounced support to independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi.

The Poor Youth is pressure group that was formed after the 2011 elections with its roots in Kawempe, after the failed government youth program.

This becomes the second batch of the youth who were backing former premier Amama Mbabazi to abandon him and return to the mainstream NRM party.

Led by one Richard Kirekyankuba, the youth have told a news conference at the NRM office in Bugolobi that Mbabazi’s manifesto does not give them hope for a better future.

However, earlier one of the youths at the defection meeting alleged that his colleagues had been paid Shs 1.5 million to defect and publicly pledge allegiance to Museveni.