Analysts skeptical over hoot campaign

Political analysts have expressed skepticism over the new hoot campaign by the Activists for Change- a political pressure group.

Pundits say the new move will not help the opposition achieve their objectives.

Prof. Mwambutsya Ndebesa of Makerere University says the new campaign will not bear any fruit because it is too weak to push government on what the oppositions wants.
Prof. Ndebesa says the Activists for Change should rather pursue dialogue with government so that their concerns are addressed.

Last week the pressure group announced the new strategy that is meant to show dissatisfaction over the escalating food prices, after several failed attempts at the walk to work protests over the same under their civil defiance campaign.

The Activists for Change are now mobilizing members of the public to hoot, bang tables or anything closest to them for five minutes at 5pm.

The police have however warned against the hoot campaign saying it is illegal and anyone who breaks the law shall be arrested and prosecuted.