Analyst Blames Ministers’ Losses In NRM Primaries On Lies

Political analysts have blamed the loss of party flags by many National Resistance Movement (NRM) incumbents on lies.

Tuesday’s NRM primaries saw several ministers and MPs lose to new faces.

According to Dan Rubombora a political commentator, many MPs promised what they could not deliver.

He adds that in some cases it was the case of protest votes, while others lost because voters simply wanted change.

Among the notable losers are Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafire, State Minister for Primary Education Kamanda Bataringaya as well as ICT state minister Nyombi Thembo.

The others are Bujenje county MP Kabakumba Masiko, Education minister Jesica Alupo, Lands Minister Daudi Migereko, and former Attorney General Peter Nyombi.

Several losers have contested the results and petitioned the national NRM electoral head Dr. Tanga Odoi calling for either result nullification or vote recount.
While in some cases some of the losers have threatened to contest as independents, drawing a serious warning from the NRM leadership.
The NRM Secretary General Lumumba Kasule has warned those who contest as independents will automatically lose party membership.
Education and sports minister Jessica Alupo is among those who have rejected the results of the NRM primaries in Katakwi district.
Alupo was floored by Viola Akurut in the race to carry the NRM flag for the district woman Member of Parliament.
Alupo says she has already petitioned the party’s electoral commission pointing out the irregularities that marred Tuesday’s exercise.

Story By Felix Basiime & Herbert Zziwa