Amudat district bans NGOs from renting offices.

By Steven Ariong

Authorities in Amudat district in Karamoja sub region in the north eastern Uganda have put a ban on all non governmental organisations operating in Amudat district from renting offices directing that all NGOs must build their offices in the district.
The ban was passed by Ms Paulina Chepar the secretary of production during the council sitting she said, ” the district has a total of 41 None governmental organisations both international and national operating in the district but all of them are renting offices, this has caused scarcity of accommodation in the district.”
According to Ms. Chepar most of these NGOs run their projects ranging from three to five years and that the money they are spending for paying rents was enough for them to build their office space’s.
“It’s unfortunate that the development partners who could have helped us to increase in our buildings in the district are also coming to rent this is unacceptable we need NGOs who can come and construct their office space so that when their project ends the house will remain for the district,” She said.
Mr. Francis Kiyong the district LCV chairperson of Amudat said they are giving those who are renting only this year but by next year they will be chased.