Land minister Amongi, ‘respect boundaries to end land conflicts’


Lands Minister Betty Amongi has advised leaders in Amuru district to respect the boundary separating Amuru and Adjumani districts to end the tension between the Madi and Acholi.

This follows last week’s tribal clashes between the Madi and Acholi people that claimed six lives, left over 20 severely wounded and more than 100 huts torched down in Zoka village, Apaa parish, Adjumani district.

The clash is suspected to have been orchestrated by gangs of men armed with machete, spears, bows and arrows from the Madi community claiming part of a 40 sq Kms land currently occupied by the Acholi people.
The government in September 2015 demarcated part of Pabbo Sub County that was in Amuru district as part of  Adjumani district, despite protests from  Amuru residents and political leaders, with calls now being made for the boundaries to be opened up.

However, Lucy Akello the Amuru District Woman Member of Parliament says the leaders in Amuru will not accept the opening of the boundary because the process was flawed from the start.