AMISOM hands over 18 militia to NISA

Militia handed over
Militia handed over

AMISOM has handed over 18 militias to the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency.

According to Sector 1 Commander Brigadier General Dick Olum, the militias were arrested during last week’s operation in Mogadishu’s Wadajir district conducted jointly by Somali Government forces with the support of African Union troops.

The operation followed a tip off that there are arms cache in a location near the former District Commissioner’s home.

The forces closed in at the location and there were ambushed by local militia belonging to Ahmed Hassan Abdow, the former District Commissioner.

The operation also saw over 15 guns and assortment of ammunition s recovered.

While handing over the suspects to NISA Brigadier General Olum said AMISOM is mandated by United Nation to fight al Shabaab and to mentor the Somali National Army until such a time they can take over the security of the country.

“All we do is undertake joint operations where SNA, NISA, AMISOM and Police are involved in all joint operations and we all work as a team to ensure that sanity is brought to the city”, said Brig Olum.

He added that Somalia is moving towards a secure and stable future free from the scourge of violence and terror while urging those who want peace to lay down their arms.