Amama denies responsibility for graft mess

Amama Mbabazi 3

The Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has denied political responsibility for the mess in his office.

He continues to explain his position regarding the reported irregularities in the operations of his office, as he appears before parliament’s Public Accounts Committee.

The committee is investing the suspected theft of Shs.50 billion in foreign aid meant for post-conflict recovery in northern Uganda and Karamoja.

Questioned on why he had 13 ministries under his office, Mbabazi has told MPs that the move was meant to cut down on costs of public administration.

Regarding reports that his ministers receive up to Shs.3.5bn in imprest, Mbabazi said he was not aware since he does not engage in direct management of finances of the different ministries.

He therefore says he cannot take political responsibility for the reported irregularities, putting the blame instead on the Minister for General Duties.