Albinos cry out for protection

By Ritah kemigisa.

People living with albinism in the country have cried for safety calling upon government to put in place policies that will guarantee their safety.

According to the Olive Nantambi, the executive director Albinism Umbrella persons with albinism in the country are continuously living in fear of being attacked, abducted and sacrificed due to the cultural myths that surrounds their skin pigment.

Namutebi says all they want is a clear policy that can protect them since the current laws are unclear and have since to make them feel protected.

She is also calling upon the police force to be more vigilant and not to discriminate against with albinism.

According to statistics from the United Nations an estimated over 8000 people living with albinism in Uganda.

The same statics show that an estimated 75 albinos were killed in Tanzania between 2000 and 2015 by people seeking to use their body parts for ritual purposes.