Alaso hits back at Rubaramira

FDC Secretary General

Rtd Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga’s defection continues to draw reactions from Forum for Democratic Change legislators.

The latest is from the FDC secretary general Alice Alaso who says genuine people and not hypocrites are needed in the opposition to cause change.

Ruranga announced his defection to the ruling party last week, citing disorganization in the Forum for Democratic Change among other issues.

Speaking to KFM today, Alaso said Rubaramira’s decision comes as a relief to the party because he seemed to be on an agenda of dividing the party.

She says more shakeups are needed in the party to expose those seeking their selfish gains.

Alaso has also scoffed at accusations by Ruranga of her being a bad manager and having more powers.

Speaking to journalists at parliament today other Members of Parliament including Elijah Okupa, Stephen Ochola and Odo Tayebwa said Rubaramira is only seeking selfish ambitions and the justifications he is putting up are merely to cover up.

Meanwhile, the ongoing fights in the FDC party have been pushed to the delegates’ conference next year.

This has been confirmed by the shadow agriculture minister Francis Epatait. He says the party will have an opportunity to rebuild structures through elections.

He adds that members will also decide on the position of leader of opposition that has generated fights in the party.

He appeals to supporters to stay strong and committed to the struggle to bring about change saying Maj. Rubaramira Ruranga’s defection cannot weaken the party.

Ruranga says he will now concentrate on the fight against HIV in the country.