Alaso hits at FDC over “fishing from within” allegations

By Moses Kyeyune.

Former FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso has hit back at the party she helped found, bashing the allegations that Gen Muntu’s New Formation is scavenging on FDC.

In a statement to the press, Alaso who quit the party alongside Gen Muntu says that it is wrong to assume that a new party will sprout with new members, reminding the FDC that it was formed through defections from other parties.

This comes in the face of verbal exchanges between leaders in the Forum for Democratic Change and the New Formation, Gen Mugisha Muntu’s political vehicle for a new party.

Alaso also states that the 62 defections recently witnessed in the Ankole sub-region only attest to the fact the many leaders within FDC are opposed a an omni directional policy, promoted by the incumbent President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi.