AIGP Kaweesi killer collapses in court

By Ruth Anderah.

One out the seven suspects arrested over AIGP Andrew Kaweesi murder collapses in the Court premises of the International Crimes Division, amidst protests from co-accused persons and relatives over their illegal arrest and continued detention without trial since May/2017.

The suspects who are represented by Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi had appeared for bail application before Justice Lydia Mugambe.

Yusuf Nyanzi who had been in the Court holding cell since morning without food, together with his Co-accused started speaking on top of their voices asking the Court to just hang them because they are fed up of the humiliation subjected to them ever since they were arrested, charged, and committed to the ICD for trial by the Nakawa Chief Magistrate Court.

That is when Nyanzi collapsed due to severe ulcers.

However, Justice Mugambe advised the Prisons Authorities never to bring hungry prisoners to her Court who are fainting and cannot stand, adding that there is no where it is written that imprisonment is a deprivation to food.

She then adjourned their bail hearing to Friday this Week, 1st. March, after Prosecution’s Marion Ben-Bella indicated that she needed two days to secure vital documents for this application.

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