#AgeLimitPetition Attorney General defends age limit law

The Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukuntana together with the solicitor General Francis Atoke have this morning led a team of other 18 state Attorneys to defend the age – limit law before the Constitutional court sitting at Mbale High court.

In his opening remarks to court, the AG maintains that parliament acted within the law and prescribed procedures to dully amend the Constitution.

In his submissions, Rukuntana has also applauded the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga for having acted within the law during the entire process of conceptualization and actualization of the bill on top of supporting president M7 for having legally assented to the law.

He has further defended government as having acted legally in doing whatever it took to facilitate the entire process of this Constitutional amendment.

Rukuntana has therefore asked court  to dismiss each of the 5 petitions  with costs on grounds that they lack merit and that  none of the petitioners  has demonstrated how he/she has suffered  any damages as a result of the amendment of act A(102) b.