AG raises red flag on Karuma Isimba power Projects

By Moses Kyeyune:

The Auditor General has raised a red flag over inadequate supervision of Karuma and Isimba Hydro Power projects, fearing that they may lead to high maintain costs.

According to the 2017 report released today, the Auditor General, John Muwanga says that a review of the progress reports for both Karuma and Isimba  Hydro Power dams revealed a number of anomalies including failures in the quality assurance procedures and poor concrete linings that created cracks in some sections of the dam.

However, although there is an agreeable lack of capacity by the consulting Engineers whose contract further expired in September 2017, the same are still supervising the ongoing works.

The Auditor General says that this puts the country’s assets at a great risk, and there is need for close monitoring.