AG faults Ministry of Water, Education on wasteful expenditure

By Moses Kyeyune.

The ministry of Education and Sports and its counterpart of Water and Environment have been faulted for causing a financial loss amounting to 1.6 billion shillings on wasteful expenditure.

The figures contained in the Auditor General’s report for the year 2018 resulted from interest on late payments of Value Added Tax and breach of contracts.

The ministry of water was responsible for spending 803 million on interest while the ministry of education spent 799 million on delayed payments and litigation costs for wrongful termination of contracts.

The auditor general John Muwanga, whose findings are due for further probing by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament says that the wasteful expenditure affected the implementation of activities in the entities thus constraining service delivery.

He further recommends that Accounting Officers should adhere to the contract arrangements to avoidsuch expenses.