ACCU defends Mbabazi

The anti-Corruption Coalition has spoken out in support of the exoneration of the Prime Minister, over expenditures on security in preparation for the 2007 Common Wealth heads of Government meeting.

The Inspector General of Government Rapheal Baku exonerated Amama Mbabazi in a report released yesterday.

Mbabazi had been accused of influence peddling in the procurement of a security communication system.

The Public Accounts Committee of the 8th Parliament had recommended his prosecution for allegedly breaching procurement procedures in the 11 billion shillings deal.

The Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Coalition Cissy Kagaba says they agree with the IGG that Amama Mbabazi did nothing wrong.

Kagaba says they have analyzed different reports including that of the IGG, the Auditor General and Parliament and found that Mbabazi did not breach any laws.

She notes that the calling of the NRM Caucus to discuss the fate of the ministers created suspicion and drove members of the public to sentence the ministers without relying on any evidence.

Cissy Kagaba says there is need to drive evidence based cases to avoid false accusations.