About 1,900 new cases of obstetric Fistula registered annually

By Moses Ndhaye.

The ministry of health says about 1,900 new cases of obstetric Fistula are registered annually across the country.

The acting director of health services Dr. Charles Olaro says currently about 100,000 women are suffering from Fistula in Uganda and this represents 1% of the total number of women of reproductive age.

He made the remarks while announcing preparations for the commemoration of the International Fistula Day marked on May 23rd every year.

DrOlaro is concerned that although 2000 repairs are done every year, most of the women who are suffering from this illness do not receive the required medical attention.

This year the day shall be marked under the theme; “End Fistula now, reach every one”.

Obstetric Fistula is an abnormal opening between the birth canal and the bladder of a woman that results in constant leakage of urine and faecal matter through the birth canal.