A New Term For President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has today marked the beginning of a new five year term with renewed commitment to fighting corruption.

Delivering his inaugural speech at Kollolo ceremonial grounds, Museveni said this time he would act directly to discipline public servants like he has done with the army.

He has specifically promised to deal with corruption and delays in decision making which frustrates investors and is a betrayal of the country.

President Museveni has expressed his government’s commitment to getting Uganda into a middle income status by 2020.

Speaking at his inauguration ceremony at Kololo, Museveni said this was not achieved earlier as anticipated due to the country’s limited exports.

He however says in the next 5 years, his government is to aggressively handle the matter by ensuring that the country exports more quantities and of higher value.

He further notes that more electricity and better road network will enhance faster industrialization, and thus guarantee economic transformation into middle income status by 2020.

To address the current shortage of electricity supply, Museveni has promised to have 40 mini power dams built over the next five years.

He also called for joint regional efforts in ensuring restoration of total peace in Congo, Burundi, Somalia and Central African Republic.

Story By Benjamin Jumbe