4 year old boy sues hospital over unsuccessful circumcision

By Ruth Anderah

A 14 year old boy has sued a health body; infectious Diseases institute Ltd for trespassing on his body by allegedly circumcising him without his consent.

Bruno  Angel is a pupil of Home care primary school in Kakumiro – Mubende District  and accuses  doctors  from the infectious Diseases Institute of  coming to his school  in June  last year  and lured  him into circumcision but failed to treat his wound which later turned septic.

Bruno who is suing through his guardian Enoch Turinawe contends that the Doctors stopped him from telling his parents about the circumcision something that prevented him from getting the necessary health care.

He claims that due to severe bleeding from the wound, his penis and testicles swell thereby causing him discomfort in movement until his parents noticed the worsening condition and sought treatment in a private hospital.

Bruno and Turinawe have now petitioned the High court seeking its orders to compel the Infectious Diseases Institute pay him damages for forceful circumcision and causing him mental trauma.