35 year old banished from Village over food theft

A 35 year old man has been banished from a village in Lwengo district for stealing food.

Benon Mugisha, 35 a resident of Kyekulura, Kisekka Sub County in Lwengo district is homeless after the Village council unanimously agreed to have him out of the village for reportedly being a habitual thief.

Mugisha was dragged to the village authorities after he was allegedly found with two sacks of banana at his home and he could not give convincing explanation to locals where he had got this food because he is known to be a thief.

Farida Nasolo Kyekulura Village Chairperson, says that she had earlier received complaints from at least three people whose food crops had been stolen which prompted locals to mount a hunt for the stolen food which they later found at Mugisha’s home.

Noah Sserunjogi the Sothern Region Police Spokesperson has thanked locals for not taking the law into their hands to lynch Mugisha but instead reporting him to village authorities.