Court assessors advise acquittal of Muslim sheikhs murder suspects. 

By Ruth Anderah

The 3 court assessors ; Robert Lubega Sseguya, Judith Muhairwe and Muhammad Ddumba have advised the International Crimes Division Court to acquit Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 13 others of charges of murdering fellow Muslim sheikhs.

According to the trio, Prosecution has failed to prove the ingredients of murder, terrorism and attempted murder against any of the accused persons to warrant their conviction.

The assessors in their joint opinion have said that prosecution’s evidence is marred with inconsistencies on top of dismissing the late sheikh Mustapha Bahiga’s dying declaration that it’s Sheikh Kamoga who had killed him as false.

However the assessors’ opinion is not biding to the justices as they write their final verdict.

Presiding justices ; Ezekiel Muhanguzi ,Percey  Tuhaise and Jane Kiggundu  announced that they will give their judgement in the matter on the 11th/August 2017.

The accused including Sheikh Yunus Kamoga are indicted for the murder of Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Ibrahim Kirya between December 2014 and June 2015 respectively.

The accused’s relatives have welcomed the news with untold joy.