2Terror suspects plead guilty

Two suspects have today pleaded guilty to charges arising from the July 11th bomb blasts.

Edris Nsubuga has pleaded guilty to charges of terrorism, while Mugisha Mohammod pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to committing acts of terrorism.

Edris Nsubuga had earlier confessed to committing the act before the police and also made an extra judicial statement before court.

Nsubuga however pleaded not guilty to charges of murder but repeatedly accepted the charge of terrorism when asked.

He told court that he denied the same charges yesterday following intimidation from fellow suspects, adding that he filed a complaint with the prisons officials.

The officials have reportedly found him separate residency from the other suspects.

Mugisha Mohamood asked the court for forgiveness and the judge said his apology would be considered tomorrow when court will issue its judgment in his case.

The prosecution withdrew charges of terrorism and murder against him yesterday, leaving him with one case of conspiracy to committing acts of terrorism.

Justice Owiny Dolo will give his judgment on both cases tomorrow.

Meanwhile, plea taking for all the 14 suspects on charges of terrorism, murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit terrorism has been concluded this morning.

Three counts of terrorism and 76 counts on the murder charge were read to them and the other 12 have all pleaded not guilty.

 The judge will set the date when hearing of the case will begin tomorrow.